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About the Initiative

THE ASSOCIATION FOR PROTECTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE CULUTURAL HERITAGE OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC (ASORKD) has launched through this website an initiative to SAVE SPA KYSELKA situated in the beautiful valley of the Ohře River, 11 km from Karlovy Vary, the spa that were once one of the most picturesque spas in Europe.

We fully identify ourselves with opinion of Otakar Motejl, the first Public Defender of Rrights of the Czech Republic, who stated in a report about the devastation of spa Kyselka:

“The condition of the protected cultural monuments in Kyselka is sad proof of how cultural monuments may come out badly if inactivity of a government and its bodies is added to an inactivity of an owner.”

Otakar Motejl also pronounced that there is practically nothing left to protect in Kyselka now. However, the Association doesn’t share the same opinion. We believe that it is necessary to restore the spa, perhaps even as a replica if the restoration proves to be unfeasible (there are many known examples of replicas of restored monuments). We expect maximal contribution foremost from those who are responsible for the current situation of the spa as well as those who sat back doing nothing, although it was in their power to interfere. Not a long time ago, in 1990, the spa still served as a sanatorium for children and provably still has healing power; hence it is absolutely unforgivable that this place now lies in ruins.

Heinrich Mattoni, the founder of the spa and the founder of the world-famous mineral water trademark had a credo that he followed all his life:

"If I take something from this land, I also must give something back."

The Association is confident about legal responsibility of the owner of the spa, the company CTS Duo, for the current condition of the buildings registered as cultural monuments. The Association will have the relevant government bodies to investigate to what extend the owner has caused the current state due to his inactivity.

The Association is also confident about moral responsibility of the company Karlovarské mineralní vody, as. We believe that the company should significantly contribute to the restoration of the spa, as it should had been done long time ago, if the company means to stand out in front of his domestic and foreign customers.

To support the initiative to save spa Kyselka, the ASSOCIATION FOR PROTECTION AND DEVELOPMENT OF CULTURAL HERITAGE OF THE CZECH REPUBLIC therefore declares:


All of you, who are not indifferent to the fate of this picturesque spa and all of you who also think that it is impossible to allow something similar in the cultural state, please support our petition.


The more people join us the better we enforce the restoration of the spa.


Zachraňte lázně Kyselka

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