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Text of petition

We undersigned signatories of this petition appeal to the relevant government bodies of the Czech Republic to take immediate actions to stop the devastation of the Kyselka spa, namely:

  1. Expropriate the Kyselka spa from the spa owner, the company CTS Duo due to the long-time negligence and a failure to fulfill the obligations to care for a cultural monument as stated by the law.
  2. Appropriate necessary funds from the emergency reserve of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic for the most necessary undertaking to stop devastation of the most valuable assets.
  3. Further we appeal to the Regional Authority of Karlovy Vary to act immediately regarding the current situation of the Kyselka spa and to join our initiative to save this cultural monument, also, to urge Karlovarske mineralni vody, as. to restore the railway track and redirect the entire expedition of mineral water on this track.
  4. We appeal to the Ministry of Culture and the National Heritage Institute to commence immediate actions to save the Kyselka spa.
  5. We appeal the municipality of Kyselka to join the initiative to restore the spa as well.
  6. Further, we appeal to the company Karlovarské mineralní vody, as. which by the use of the world-famous trademark Mattoni generates substantial profits from natural resources of this land to:
    • a) contribute the equal amount of money that was spent by the company for its seat - Trautmannsdorfský baroque palace in Prague, Mariánské square, and join the effort to restore the spa Kyselka;
    • b) use their own funds to instantly restore the railway track that is in the company’s possession and was developed by Henrich von Mattoni - also on his own expense. The railway track was design to accommodate expedition of the mineral water so the spa was not disturbed by traffic of fully loaded vehicles. It is not possible to think about recovery of the spa with twenty-four hour traffic of fully loaded trucks shipping mineral water;
    • c) restore the remaining buildings of the original Mattoni bottling plant that are declared cultural monuments and are a property of the company.



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